Supplemental Mobile Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

These Supplemental Mobile Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (“Mobile Terms”) supplement the AOL Terms of Service, the AOL Privacy Policy, and the AOL Community Guidelines.  The Mobile Terms address AOL's collection and use of information when you use Services on mobile devices. 

Device Information

When you use our Services on a mobile device, AOL, our partners, and service providers may collect certain information automatically, such as the type of device you use, unique device ID, wireless mobile subscriber ISDN numbers, Verizon Wireless UIDH, IP address, operating system, browser type, and information about your use of our Services. We may use this information as described in the AOL Privacy Policy, which explains, among other things, that we may combine information about your use of our various Services in all the ways you may connect to AOL.

Certain Services may require the collection of the phone number of your device. We may associate that phone number to the mobile device information; however, we will not use that number for telemarketing to you without your consent.


With your consent, we may use available services on your device to determine your precise location, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS information. In addition and with your consent, we may share your precise location information or personal information with third parties for their independent use. You may opt-out of providing precise location information to AOL, and having that information shared with third parties, at any time by adjusting the settings on your device. If you subsequently opt in to sharing location information for an individual service, your location information will be shared with that service. Note that if you consent to share your location information within a particular app, your location information collected from within that app may continue to be shared even after you have opted-out on your device. For more information, please review your app and device settings.

Advertising, Analytics, and Third-Party Providers

We may use third-party providers to help operate our Services and such providers may also use the information we or they may collect about you as described in the AOL Privacy Policy. Certain Services may allow you to adjust your privacy settings in the Service itself. Please review any “Settings,” “About,” or FAQ area that accompanies such Service for more information.

Our Services may be supported by advertising, some of which may be customized based on information we collect or receive about you or your devices, including your location. For more information, please visit Advertising, Analytics and Privacy. You can opt out of receiving targeted ads from AOL Advertising when you browse the web on your mobile device by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s consumer choice page and selecting AOL Advertising. Please note that your opt-out choice will apply only to the browser and device you are using when you opt out. You can make your choice apply to any browser and device you use while signed into AOL by adjusting your AOL Marketing Preferences.
You can opt out of receiving targeted ads from AOL Advertising in mobile apps by following the instructions in Mobile Device Choices. You can stop collection of information by AOL apps by uninstalling them using the standard uninstall process available on your device or via the app marketplace or network from which you installed the app.

We work with third parties that help us deliver ads and understand how people use our Services on various devices. These third parties may also collect information about other apps on your device, the websites you visit, location information, inaudible audio waves, and other information in order to help analyze usage and target advertising on the site or app and elsewhere. The use of cookies, web beacons, audio beacons, or other technologies by third-party providers is subject to the privacy policies of those third parties.

The third party companies listed below may use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies in connection with advertising, content, and services offered through our Services:

 Session M
We may update these information practices as well as the list of third-party providers from time to time, so you should review this supplement and the AOL Privacy Policy periodically.