Important Information about Commercial E-mail from AOL


Advertisements, Promotions, and Other E-mails from AOL

AOL sends e-mails relating to your AOL membership, such as software upgrades, billing, legal, and security-related information. AOL may also send commercial advertisements or solicitations for other categories of AOL products and services, such as AOL Broadband and AOL Premium Services, as well as e-mail offers for users of AOL Shopping. Additionally, you can sign up to receive features and services powered by e-mail, such as AOL Newsletters or AOL Alerts.

AOL provides opt-out or other unsubscribe methods in its commercial e-mail advertisements or solicitations. You may receive additional communications while we are processing your opt-out request. These opt-out mechanisms do not, however, apply to e-mails relating to your AOL membership, or e-mails confirming or informing you about your transactions on or with AOL.


Where to Contact AOL

AOL's offices are located at 22000 AOL Way, Dulles, Virginia, 20166. If you wish to write to AOL about e-mail issues, please direct all written correspondence to:

AOL E-mail
PO Box 65627
Sterling, VA 20165-8805


Additional Information about Marketing Preferences

You can opt out of receiving advertisements or solicitations from a particular category of AOL commercial e-mail. In addition to the opt-outs or other unsubscribe mechanisms provided with commercial e-mail from AOL, you can find additional information about AOL's general marketing and e-mail preferences by visiting "Marketing Preferences."


Privacy Information

For more information about AOL's Privacy Policy, please click here.


Helping to Protect Your Safety and Security When Using E-mail

At Keyword "Safety" AOL provides educational material to help you better protect your safety and security online. Specific tips on e-mail safety can be found within the Communication Safety area of Keyword "Safety." You can find additional information about e-mail safety by visiting Keyword "Mail and Spam Controls," or by visiting the FTC's Spam For Consumers Page.