AIM Terms of Service

The AOL company name has changed to Oath. Oath is part of the Verizon family of companies and consists of over 50 digital and mobile brands globally, including AOL and AIM.

This version of the AIM Terms of Service (TOS) consists of the Oath Terms of Service, the Oath Privacy Policy, and the AOL Community Guidelines, and applies to AIM versions 7.5 and above.

By downloading, installing, or using the new AIM, you agree to the following terms. These terms allow AIM to provide you with the convenience of access to stored conversations, as well as the capability to continue conversations when you use multiple devices (such as your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet).

You understand and agree that AIM will use system message logging, which will cache and store a copy of all conversations on our servers and make them available across multiple devices or platforms to both parties to the conversation when both parties are using versions of AIM later than the AIM 7.5 release. In order to disable this functionality, also called going “off the record,” you will need to select the “Go Off The Record” command from the chat menu.

For more information about the new AIM experience, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Oath employees and contractors do not review the contents of AIM conversations of individual users; however, you agree that our systems may automatically scan the content of your messages to enable or facilitate the performance of certain tasks within AIM or to improve its features and functionality. For example, our systems may follow the links transmitted in messages in order to discern the format of those links and enable AIM to locate and retrieve the content, making it available to our servers so that it can be displayed quickly and conveniently within AIM.

If you have any questions or concerns about the additional Terms of Service, the Oath Privacy Policy, or its implementation, you may contact us.